Your new residence is too small for all your furniture?
You’re leaving for a few months and you don’t know where to store your furniture safely?
Sometimes, in some circumstances, you need furniture storage for a period of time: for temporary professional or personal reasons, a small flat, a few months relocation abroad…

In these cases, especially for valuable furniture and objects, the choice of storage space must be carefully considered. Safety of your property and best storage conditions are essential conditions for the safeguarding of your furniture. We have more than 4000 cubic meters of storage dedicated to your furniture in our premises, protected under European safety standards (security staff, CCTV 7/24, etc.)

Your personal objects will be stored in individual numbered containers. So, if your future residence is not immediately available, you have a safe environment to store your furniture and things for the short, mid- or long-term.

Alba Demenagements International offers a secured storage space integrated within the company compound with the following guarantees:

  • Storage in 8 cubic meters numbered and sealed wood containers or in individual spaces
  • 24/7 surveillance of the premises by a security team/CCTV/Access control/Alarm/Fire resistance standards
  • Premises protected from bad weather and humidity
  • Supply of packaging and protection products for better storage of your things, in case of need (blankets, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, etc.)

Guarantee: in case of fire or other accident, your furniture is covered by our insurer Assurdem (see our guarantees)

Optimized furniture storage

Our storage can satisfy our most demanding customers and offers the best possible furniture storage solution. The security of our storage unit will enable you to sleep peacefully: our storage unit is integrated to our company, this increases daytime security, thanks to the presence of the employees. And, of course our storage is under 24/7 watch by a security team.

Utmost care is also taken with the conditions of storage of your furniture: our premises are sound and dry, a guarantee against any bad surprise when collecting your property. Furniture storage: you are covered For optimal furniture storage, your goods are stored in wood containers, a sound, natural material. In case of need, we supply blankets, bubble wrap and the necessary cardboard boxes for the best possible storage. And for a maximum level of protection, our storage space is covered by a specific contract.

Corporate, headquarters and office moves Alba Demenagements International has offered optimal services to companies for more than 15 years, around our core values:

  • Efficiency: depending on your preference, the operation is done during or outside working hours (night, week-end, holiday), with means adapted to your needs;
  • Organization: a single specialized partner establishes your estimate, coordinates our technicians and takes delivery at the end of operations, with proven quality processes.
  • Qualification: as a member of the French professional movers’ organization, we offer all the qualifying guarantees in personnel and equipment.
  • Flexibility: We offer single, monthly or annual contracts. We have a wide experience of plus-cost work (see our references).
  • Destinations: Paris, France, Europe, International… with our 200 correspondents all over the world, we can offer the best service to whatever destination, from the transport of a single parcel to a full move.

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